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dumpster_divers's Journal

dumpster diving
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recycling the trash of society and providing free goods and food by regenerating tossed out things of value.
this is what this community is about.

people who struggle trying to make the weekly budget fit can get every day reliefe with things like food and furniture items just by recycling in a safe and friendly manner.

After much personal ethical debate, i decided to give it a go,and to my surprise, im learning more than just how to re-awake my hunter/gatherer instincts...im learning how to feed and furnish for free, using nothing but clean and friendly handling proceedures,a bit of observation,and above all, the need to save money and find a way to help feed and furnish my family on a tight budget, which provided the push to get over the dirty mindset society has of dumpster diving.

In an environmental,social,and economical point,i think this way of recycling just makes plain sense, and i dont really understand the hiden shame of it all but, hell, people will always give you shit for going through a dumpster or bin, when what they should be doing is giving shit to the people who threw the perfectly good waste in there to begin with to fill up land fill and rot while people still go hungry in the world...these are just a few reasons why you may find it usefull to help the recycling cause and it may just benefit you in return!

The topic of dumpster diving can provide many intelligent discussions that can get heated, especially if there might be any trolls about or people who want to spray insults towards dumpster diving, so as a result the community will be moderated but not censored. Any personal attacking members that go against live journal policy will be removed without comment or warning.

To me, this is something real that can help people on low incomes meet weekly targets and save money for more important things in life that they may not be able to afford.

There are different forms of poverty, you dont have to be homeless to be on a tight budget that allows no room for anything but bills...i know that feeling...so for everyone from street kids to office workers on a tight budget, i hope the tips in this community can help you all save money and help the environment!

This community does not endorse the legal issue of identity theft, which has mistakenly been closley affiliated with people who dumpster dive for food and furniture only!

Only food and furniture recycling is endorsed here.
We also endorse that if you do partake in diving, that you leave the area around dumpsters cleaner than when you started, thankyou.